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The Ottoman Empire left behind their religion, their language, and their people (dating back to the 14th century), elements that mark important facts of our nowadays culture.

In many cities of Kosovo, you can visit certain places with Turkish architectural/oriental style, named in respect of Turkish well-known people.

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Every historical stage of Kosovo has its own symbols, which are recognized in Kosovar tradition, values, language, and architecture.

Thus, considering the strategic location of Kosovo in Balkan Peninsula, Kosovo offers many opportunities for everyone who wants to expand the knowledge about old Illyrian civilization, living diversity, and enriched history.

Due to its strategic location in Balkans, Kosovo has always been a territory on a special focus by different empires.

Ottoman Empire is the main factor that contributed to the Kosovo Diversity in many ways.

In the major cities of the country, families consist of the parents and children until the latter wish to live separately.

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