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people who give a damn about other humans and the planet, and value honesty.” She adds, “The last guy I went out with was also an enthusiastic Bernie supporter. It didn’t work out between us for the long run, but he is one of the nicest people I know.‘Does Feel or Does not Feel the Bern’ is one of the most effective filters I know to sift through a whole lot of humans and find a lot of decent ones.She signed up only four days ago, but the number of events and chat rooms and the variety of users have impressed her.

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“And the number of topless or faceless profile pictures, or monosyllabic messages, is minimal to nonexistent.” Jocelyn wasn’t always political.

But when Sanders began campaigning, he managed to inspire a dormant set of political ideals in her that other candidates had not.

“Everyone is attracted intellectually to a certain degree,” Kaunert says.

“A Stanford business study discovered, using data they were given by Ok Cupid, that political compatibility actually made a potential mate about 9 percent more attractive.

“I have noticed that it seems like a majority of people on Bernie Singles list their sexual orientation as something other than heterosexual,” Winkworth says.