Consolidating home and car loans

Welcome to the world of debt consolidation where you take out one big loan, and use it to pay off all your smaller debts at once.

Do it right, and you can end up saving a good chunk of money per month.

Should you get struck by lightning or lose all your money at the racetrack, keep reading to find out how to work around a payment default.

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Consolidating home and car loans

You put 20 percent down at the time you bought the house, and now owe approximately $70,000 on it.

Therefore, the total equity in your home is $125,000 (minus the $12,000 to $15,000 in realtor’s fees and transfer taxes you would incur in selling).

Should you go further and refinance the entire loan into a lower interest rate, lowering your monthly payment and extracting money beyond what is needed to pay your debt?

Here are the steps you should take to determine the best financial path to take in this situation.

And, by mixing together all your debts, all your assets are now equally at risk.

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