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Chatbot4contains more than 20,000 chatbots of varying degrees of sophistication dedicated to getting you off, and unlike most sex as a service, they don't cost a thing.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and nowhere is that more true than on Chatbot4U.

Here's a quick transcript of my failed attempt at sexting ELIZA. While I've yet to find logs of ELIZA's other illicit affairs, I can't imagine I'm the first to sexualize the pioneering fembot.

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A few weeks ago I was introduced to the world of BDSM scripts: simple sims that replicate the experience of being with a dominatrix.

It occurred to me that these scripts had a connection to ELIZA, one of the earliest examples of a natural language processing program.

Hookup bots have become online dating archetypes, joining ghosts and catfish as 21st century matchmaking anti-heroes.

To the trained eye, they're easy to spot, with little if any information in their profiles, a single photo displaying an incredible body and a flawless face and a whole lot of "lolz ;)."In my experience, the conversations usually goes something like this: It doesn't matter what you say next or really at any point in the conversation, the bot will inevitably send you a link to a camsite where you'll promptly be asked to hand over your credit card information.

Refuse to follow the script, however, and you end up in a weird BDSM chatroom version of during which the phrase "Shut up! There are plenty of chatbots built explicitly for explicit conversations, but even the most innocent of online avatars is subject to the fantasies of its users.

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