Black dating jewish man woman

It's the sense, I guess bluntly put, someone has chosen individualism over community.

When I was kid in West Baltimore, we prized the black girls who lived out in Baltimore County - they were white girls before there were any white girls.

They were supposed to be more refined and more classy. You probably weren't even alive when Woody Allen made "Annie Hall" (a.k.a "It Had to be Jew" and "Me and My Goy"), but Alison Portchnik was Alvy Singer's first wife, the one he describes so famously as "New York Jewish, left-wing, liberal intellectual, Central Park West, Brandeis University, socialist summer camps.

There is the notion of black writers living kind of apart from their community. And I thought the most obvious way to be off it, was in who you choose to spend your life with. JG: You know, nowadays, in liberal Jewish circles, it's considered a little odiferous to mention that you'd rather have people stay in than go out. I'm not diving into theology here, but I have this feeling that peoples don't survive the way the Jews have survived for nothing.

Now there are very good reasons for why that would be the case. I can't imagine it's the same in liberal black circles, but is it? That said, intermarriage has in some ways revitalized the Jewish community - converts, everyone knows, make the best Jews.

I basically wrote a piece saying exactly this a few years back.