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At the 82-year-old pandal, you can also indulge in a variety Bengali sweets, including Mishti Doi, Kheer Kodombo, Chomchom, Rosogolla and Pantua (similar to gulab jamun).

While at it, check out stalls that offer West Bengal's traditional terracotta jewellery and saree weaves like Taant, Kantha stitch and Baluchari.

We will also discuss tales about the other idols and their positioning next to the Goddess," says Nandi.

The entry fee also includes a treat of Bengali sweets.* Snack on Kolkata's famous Phuchka, Jhal Muri and Bhaande Kore Chaa (tea served in clay pot) among other vegetarian delicacies at the city's oldest Durga Puja organised by Bombay Durga Bari Samiti celebrating 88 years this festive season.

Look out for the Biryani Guru and Taste of Ganges stalls.