Beauty is intimidating explicit

In time he couldn't distinguish Megan's honest statement of desire from a driving lust for other men.He went from feeling negative and jealous to wondering what the other men were like to wanting her to be with another man.

She sat silently while he absorbed the information then asked if he wanted to know anything more. She had been faithful and if she hadn't been or ever cheated she was the type of woman who would tell him outright. Dennis knew that his love for Megan and hers for him was more important than her number of sexual partners. But after a few years of marriage it came up again. Megan had always found that the best way to mitigate the jealousy and anxiety of men who found her intimidating was to be delicately honest.

He did and she knew it but at that point he was afraid to ask. Out of 65 there was surely a man with a bigger cock or a better lay or more money or whatever else he might find intimidating. The reaction wasn't always positive but it was still better than a stream of lies and half-truths which then become a permanent part of the narrative.

She made it clear that she regarded that as natural and would not act on those desires.

Yes, monogamy is a sacrifice of sorts but one that she made willingly and wouldn't change.

And deep down most know that their wife feels the same way about other men.