Backdating employee stock options

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Backdating stock options inflates their value to the holder at the expense of regular shareholders.

Some corporate executives have also changed their stock option exercise date (the date the option can be converted to stock) to avoid paying income tax.

Currently, the FBI is investigating 59 cases involving the manipulation of executive stock options and anticipates that the number of cases will continue to grow.

Corporate Fraud remains the highest priority of the Financial Crimes Section and the FBI is committed to dealing with the significant crime problem.

The following notable statistical accomplishments are reflective in FY 2006 for Corporate Fraud: $1.2 billion in Restitutions, $41.5 million in Recoveries, $14.2 million in Fines, and $62.6 million in Seizures. (Comverse) is a New York-based designer and manufacturer of telecommunication systems and software, with reported revenues of $1.2 billion in FY 2005.