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On that same note their are some really good clones out their and if you can afford one I think new is always better then used.

Sonare's are getting great reviews from everyone that play test's one.

But, one man's irritation can be another man's nirvana. This list is by no means comprehensive, but might help you decide. Perhaps if you take the serial number, divide by the radius of the earth's orbit, subtract the number of days left in that particular lunar cycle, and up the birthdays of the shop foreman during the construction of each horn, divide that number by the speed of the earth's rotation, multiply by the speed of the moon around the earth, and then correlate that to the closest number in the Fibonacci sequence... The best position for you to take is to assume they are all the same. one of the most opinionated topics..most certainly regarding serial numbers.

It's like picking out a puppy..home the one that crawls out of the litter box and barks at you._________________ leadpipes Some practical things to look for: Closely inspect the silver plating for little black spots, blisters, flaking or even soft spots in the tubing.

Or get someone who is a bit more skilled, and both of you play them, then decide. Since demand is like wise high for that model you know it will be easy to flip the ones you do not want to keep.