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Today, we'll ferry over to Victoria, for a tour of the world-renowned Butchart Gardens. Our stops include the Stanley Park, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Gastown, and Chinatown.Later, we'll complete our day with tour of Victoria city, with sights such as the Parliament Buildings and Chinatown. After lunch passengers travel at your own expense to the world famous summer resort and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler with pleasant scenery along the way.

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The tour guide, who did a good job of trying to meet our needs, agreed to let us take the gondola ride in Whistler, but did not communicate this to the rest of the group until after we returned to a busload of very unhappy people who thought we were lost and late. Keep It Simple Post your review quickly and easily; everything you need is on this page! Please do not ask questions, report bugs or problems in this section.

Whistler has a world-class downhill bike park and cross-country trails for days.

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