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Thanks Btw,when you described the mother and her big wide hips,oh dear, I almost lost it at that little line, Mmm,what a sight that would be to see his mother on a bed,face down with her butt arched up,waiting to be impaled by her son..

Disclaimer: All characters involved are over the age of 18.

Some parts were reminiscent to Jessica Trollop's 'The Perfect Couple', that impaler type machine with the settings,but to hear you describe it,detail by delicious detail... Just letting you know I didn't last thru the whole audio, I made a huge mess of myself haha.

I've noticed this is only you're third audio,second one about incest? I sure hope you continue with more and more and more in the future😍,you're voice is too damn hot to be ignored.

With the regrets of his failure to support and satisfy the woman of his dreams, he had depressingly sent a text as to which Jesiah replied with an address and a time to meet.