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For starters, the keyboard is actually quite good, and without having that annoying G1 chin to block your moves, typing seemed pretty natural.

The UI is a bit like a mashup of Sense and stock Android, with a little featurephone thrown in for good measure -- it's clear the carrier wanted to make this welcoming to beginners, and it's mostly succeeded.

Powered by the Android 2.1 software, the my Touch 3G Slide offers a rich mobile Web experience and access to thousands of applications on Android Market from games to location-based social networks to on-the-go shopping and more.

Similar to the original, the new my Touch 3G Slide was designed to facilitate personalization inside and out.

The Genius Button, powered by Dragon Dictation from Nuance Communications (Nasdaq: NUAN), is an easy-to- access button on the front of the new T-Mobile my Touch 3G Slide allowing the use of voice commands to control the phone and it's features including making calls, composing and sending texts and e-mails, searching the Web or your surroundings.